February 2020 – Superstudio
To commemorate Cristiano Toraldo di Francia (1941-2019) and Adolfo Natalini (1941-2020), from February 5 the gallery displays Superstudio photos from the Monumento Continuo series (1969) alongside objects and furnishings designed for Poltronova and Zanotta including a rare Seating System sofa made in 1970. Next to the works by Superstudio, the gallery presents an inedited painting by Carlo Severa (1912-2014), a series of ceramics designed by Nino Caruso (1928-2017) as well as objects and lamps by Matteo Thun (1952) and Remo Buti (1938).

SUPERSTUDIO, Seating system, Poltronova 1970
SUPERSTUDIO, Spera, Poltronova 1968
SUPERSTUDIO, Saluti dalla Mecca, 1969
SUPERSTUDIO, Quaderna 2830, Zanotta 1970
NINO CARUSO, Vases and sculpture, early seventies C.A.V.A.
REMO BUTI, Centerpiece, Bitossi 1980
MATTEO THUN, Sculpture, Anthologie Quartet 1986
CARLO SEVERA, Composizione, early seventies
REMO BUTI, Starlight, Edra 1989