June 2020 – Leonardo Ricci
On June 2020 the gallery shows a selection of paintings by the architect and artist Leonardo Ricci (Rome 1918 – Venice 1994). The works range from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, describing an intimate and original research that weaves abstract geometries with figurative reminiscences and informal impulses. The paintings presented here are part of a wider selection of works, available at the gallery. The gallery also exhibits a table designed by Leonardo Savioli (Florence 1917-1982) in 1967.


LEONARDO RICCI, Composizione, mixed media on canvas, 180×75 cm, 1959
LEONARDO SAVIOLI, Table, late sixties
LEONARDO RICCI, Bozzetto per affresco, oil on canvas, 70×50 cm, 1946
LEONARDO RICCI, Come il mare, oil on canvas, 105×205 cm, 1959

LEONARDO RICCI, Composizione, oil on canvas, 50×100 cm, 1958

LEONARDO RICCI, Composizione, oil on panel, 100×150 cm, 1958
LEONARDO RICCI, Paesaggio, oil on plywood, 90×60 cm, 1946
LEONARDO RICCI, Composizione, oil on plywood, 55×105 cm, late fifties
TITO AGNOLI, Sofa bed, Cinova 1968
LEONARDO RICCI, Composizione, oil on plywood, 107×207 cm, 1957
LEONARDO RICCI, Porta chiusa, mixed media on plywood, 54×42
LEONARDO RICCI, Giuda, oil on plywood, 70×100, 1946