August 2020 – Africa
From August 2020 the gallery presents some African sculptures that are part of a private Italian collection, including some wooden and bronze masks from Central and Western Africa. The exhibition is also an opportunity to show the influence of African culture in the work by Aldo Londi (Florence 1911-2003). Aldo Londi, artist, ceramist and creative director of the Bitossi ceramic manufacture, had crossed Africa and lived there for more than five years, in conditions of captivity during the Second World War, then returning there in the late sixties, thus demonstrating his inextricable feeling for this continent. Among the works, some vases ‘a pettine’ designed for Bitossi in the sixties and an amazing wall sculpture from the late seventies. The exhibition also presents two oil on canvas by the Canadian artist, born in America, Pierre Clerk (Atlanta, US, 1928). The two unpublished works, made in Florence in the 1950s, during Clerk’s long staying in Italy, show the roots of a research deeply influenced by primitivist cultures and abstract decorative arts.


PIERRE CLERK, Abstract composition, oil on canvas, 100×70 cm, late fifties
LEONARDO SAVIOLI, Table, late sixties
ALDO LONDI, Wall Sculpture, ceramic on metal panel, 80×130 cm, late seventies

ANGELO MANGIAROTTI, Multiuse Bookcase, Poltronova, 1965
ALDO LONDIVasi a pettine, Bitossi 1960/1970

PIERRE CLERK, Abstract composition, oil on canvas, 100×70 cm, 1958