Alfonso Leoni | March 2022

As part of the research on ceramics produced in Italy in the second half of the twentieth century, the gallery exhibits a collection of seven sculptures by Alfonso Leoni (Faenza, 1941-1980). The sculptures, photographed here by Leonardo Farina, were made between the mid-1960s and mid-1970s. They intend to document some specific aspects of an extraordinary and eclectic production which, in the few years of the artist’s life, has contributed to radically redefine the relationship between ceramics, visual arts and design.

Carro armato, black majolica on terracotta flow, 1972-73, 42x20x21 cm

Scudo, dark golden majolica, 1973, 61x61x20 cm

Flusso, dark golden majolica, 1972, 28x17x60 cm

Plate, red glazed porcelain, 1977, 29x29x6 cm

Fluido, black majolica, 1965, 20x30x30 cm

Plate, turquoise blue and black majolica and terracotta, 1968, 42x42x7 cm

Sketch for sculpture, bronze, 1970, 27x15x27 cm