Bruno and Guido Gambone | December 2019

The Begani gallery hosts a selection of works by Bruno (1936) and Guido Gambone (1909-1969) including a lion by Bruno from the early seventies and a large sculptural bowl by Guido from the early sixties. These ceramic works are presented alongside some pictorial and textile works including the inedited painting Arcieri by Ludolf Verworner (1864-1927) and the tapestry Viaggi created by the Scassa manufacture of Asti (Italia Disegno) in 1960 based on a project by Corrado Cagli (1910 -1976). The tapestry was part of the exhibition L’opera di Corrado Cagli held in 1972 at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

guido gambone

GUIDO GAMBONE, Vase and cup, mid fifties

guido gambone bruno gambone

BRUNO and GUIDO GAMBONE, Trays, cups and vases, 1950/1970

guido gambone

GUIDO GAMBONE, Bowl, early sixties

guido gambone

BRUNO GAMBONE, Lion, early seventies

bruno gambone guido gambone franco rosselli

ALBERTO ROSSELLI, Confidential, Saporiti 1972


bruno gambone
BRUNO GAMBONE, Three horses, late seventies
bruno gambone
BRUNO GAMBONE, Set of bottles, late seventies
bruno gambone

BRUNO GAMBONE, Vases, late seventies

bruno gambone

BRUNO GAMBONE, Two Bottles, late sixties

ludolf verworner pietro chiesa

LUDOLF VERWORNER, Arcieri, early twentieth century

corrado cagli

CORRADO CAGLI, Viaggi, Arazzeria Scassa (Italia Disegno) 1960